Monday, August 10, 2009

Rococo, Hawthorn

Rococo, Hawthorn

797 Glenferrie Rd
Hawthorn, VIC 3122

We had two families totalling 8 people for Sunday brunch. The menu is pretty good and easily handled the diverse needs of 8 people. We ordered a wide range of meals including salmon eggs, scrambled eggs, muesli, pancakes and fresh fruit with banana bread. The food was okay and they did try with the presentation. The pancakes had a novel presentation. The portions were pretty good, probably a little better than average. Coffee was average on Melbourne standards. The short macchiato was awful. The staff responded well to any issue but they were not attentive and there was a lack of any warmth or care. They never noticed water was low, didn't ask how the meal was and didn't ask if there was anything else we needed. The manager didn't seem to encourage staff but tended to run around like the proverbial chook. Rococo has a cafeteria feel to it and, like the staff, lacked warmth. Noise is a real issue here. Even though Rococo's was half full it was very loud and we could only hear the person next to us. There are many places better to go to in Melbourne than Rococo. We will not be returning.

Takes all credit cards

33 out of 50 - Happy belly
19 out of 30 - Tipability
2 out of 10 - Ambiance
5 out of 10 - Value
59 out of 100 TOTAL

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