Friday, July 17, 2009

Cafe Eden, Canterbury

Cafe Eden

78 Maling Rd
Canterbury, VIC 3126

Maling Road has wonderful ambiance. The quality of the cafes has been improving over time with the likes of The Maling Room and Brownes, but the overall quality on the strip is disappointing. Cafe Eden has a nice location on the sunny side of the street but it is on the disappointing side. The cafe refused to change a menu item as I wanted to replace one vegetable for another. They said the kitchen does not have time to change what's on the menu so their policy is they will not change the menu in any way. Wouldn't even discuss it. Coffee is very ordinary and the short macchiato is aweful. The food is okay but no where close to the passion shown by Las Chicas and Cafe Panette.

They take visa an mastecard

23 out of 50 - Happy belly
15 out of 30 - Tipability
3 out of 10 - Ambiance
5 out of 10 - Value
46 out of 100 TOTAL

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