Sunday, July 12, 2009

Rating Melbourne cafes for brunch

Our family of 5 goes to brunch just about every Sunday morning. We like to explore new places but we often return to our favourite places.

My ratings provide a ranking on:
  • A happy stomach (quality) including a rating for taste sensation, excitement of menu options, portion sizes and the quality of the coffee - there is always the search for a great coffee!!
  • Tipability (service) including the extent to which the staff make it an enjoyable experience, how easy it is to order and pay, and follow-up. In essence, are we thee for their pleasure or do they try to make it a really enjoyable Sunday experience.
  • Ambiance - does it add to the experience
  • Value for money - do I feel like we were ripped off or was the pricing reasonable
The total score is 100 with happy stomach comprising 40 points, tipability 30, ambiance 20 and value 10

Each place is rated on its own merits no matter where it is located.

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